CAW’s Group show at The High Road Gallery

What matters is as abstract as each of our member could want it to be.

A house can be interpreted as oneself, our emotions, body, our actual home, so on.  “Get your house in order” is another way to refer to someone’s emotional state or relationship. View our member interpretations

Ladies, thanks for your submissions!






Calling all CAW Peeps!

CAW is participating as a group in the Columbus Invitational Arts Competition again this year.

CAW members are invited to create a small work for the Painted Lady Feminist Museum to be exhibited at Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Carnegie Gallery between August 8 through the 29th.

The space can accommodate about 30 3″-4″ 2d pieces and some 3d pieces.
Drop off date is July 27

If interested in participating, please be sure to fill out this form by July 25.



Cascades @ Homeport Gallery
562 East Main Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Opening Reception: Friday, April 5th, 6-8p / Closing Reception: Saturday, May 4th, 5-7p

Metal representations of relationships and connectivity. Our specialness is illustrated by the irregularities created in the making process. The resulting surface textures harken to organic matter and play with the concept of impermanence. Like hammer and hands on the metal, we are similarly shaped by life.

Our signature experiences create all shades of individuality.  Create us.

I use accessible materials that are often overlooked as mediums in traditional art. These materials take on new life as molecules, raindrops, feathers, and bones. Elements of life. These works are intended to enhance the positive energy of the space in which the works are placed.

Copper is attractive to me for it’s color and healing properties, glowing with lively energy. It’s one of the few mediums I have found that allows me to freely abstract literal concepts, experience flow, and discover new ways to communicate. I feed my curious thirst for knowledge and experience by challenging myself to massage fresh, hopeful work into being.

From the very physical making to it’s completion, Cascades represents the points of light that suspend my heart and mind, buffering, protecting and connecting to others with love.



River's Edgesmall



Catherine Bell Smith
March 1-April 5
In-Between is an exhibit of a series of seed mosaics. They are simple landscapes and designs inspired by travels through rural and small town Ohio. Constructed of seeds, bark, pods, and shells, these small-scale works are a quick, expressive means for exploring ideas and experimenting with materials collected from the very places the artist tries to depict.

800 N High St,  Columbus, OH 43215